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Eyes Wide Open

"Geez that was another great speech. I love all of your speeches. But this one was different - your eyes were completely wide open. They were lit up, they were smiling. That was by far your best speech," said Gordon,... Continue Reading →

Act II

Three years ago, I left my financial markets role and embarked on a different journey. Truth be told, I did not really know what this journey would look like, but at least I had some things to fall back on... Continue Reading →

To Tolerate or Not To Tolerate…

Over the past few months, I have found myself repeating this quote by Henry Ford – “you can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” The recipients of this wisdom are none other than my three teenage... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

DC, a good friend and mentor read my last blog 20 Quotes and suggested I follow up with one that covers on the top decisions that shaped my life. I really like this idea, but I am mindful it does not come... Continue Reading →


Recently, I had to give a speech about my life and rather than boring everyone with the details of where I was born, where I've lived, what I do, blah, blah, blah, I thought it would be more interesting if... Continue Reading →

Digging for onions in a rabbit hole…

I don't think onions grow in rabbit holes but I was thinking about metaphors that mean roughly the same thing. For example, "digging deep", "peeling back the onion", "going down the rabbit hole", etc. I recently became involved in buying... Continue Reading →

Ask not what your [fill in the blank] can do for you…

"Hey Miss P, how are you going? I haven't seen you for some time." "Ugh, I have not been feeling well haven't been able to get to the gym. I have not been at work for a week and just... Continue Reading →

A mind is a terrible thing to waste…

This was the slogan of a marketing campaign in the 1980s commissioned by the UNCF in the US. The objective of the campaign was to raise funds to help African Americans go to college, I found the ads quite impactful... Continue Reading →

All the Small Things

(with apologies to blink-182-). I've been reading a book called So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport. Do yourself a favour, read it (and also read another one of his books, Deep Work). I wish I would have found... Continue Reading →

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