Natural Born Storytellers

SBS, a television channel in Australia used to have a great slogan, “seven billion stories and counting”. Amazing to think that we are all so unique and we each have a little story inside of us.

You see, we are all natural born storytellers and telling stories is a key condition of our humanity and our existence. Telling stories allows us to communicate and connect with anyone and this is what makes us successful in life.

From cave paintings, to fairy tales, to novels, fables, poems and essays; to music, dance and art – we tell stories in different ways and we pass these stories from generation to generation and culture to culture.

We are natural born storytellers and every good storyteller must remember these things:

  1. We all have at least one story inside us – and if you look deep inside, you will realise you probably have more than one story
  2. We have to be true to that story – it needs to resonate and this only happens if the story is authentic to us
  3. We do have the power to change that story – remember this and recognise how invigorating this is
  4. We have the responsibility to share our story – this is most important and how we pass thoughts, knowledge, ideas and concepts

I like to write so I will start sharing my stories (no videos or recordings here). I think I have some things to say, all very interesting to me, some maybe not so to you. But it matters to me. And perhaps, one of these stories may make a difference to someone else and this alone means that it is worth doing.

“Seven billion stories and counting”. This is what makes our world great. Let’s take the time to tell our story, to listen to the stories of others, to accept and celebrate our differences, and to appreciate just how diverse our world is. Because ladies and gentlemen, this is what makes our life worth living.

What is your story?

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