(with apologies to Simple Minds).

But two weeks later, I broke that promise. The good news is that I did not promise you anything so I did not let you down. I let myself down.

I promised myself that I would write 2 or 3 times per week and post. Week one was good, week two got harder. I wrote two blogs but they are still sitting there as “private”. I did not post.

Why? Life got in the way. I can’t remember what exactly but I am sure the excuse sounded convincing at the time. What is the point of making myself a promise just to break it and rationalise it? I do this a lot. Are my promises too ambitious? Not all of them.

It begs the question – if I had made the promise to you, would I have kept it? I think so. I know so.

So why am I ok to let myself down?  Come to think of it, I am not ok with this. It will take a miracle to change, but as the song goes, “belief is a beauty thing”.