Small, medium or large

Morning, afternoon or night

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

Earl Grey, English Breakfast or peppermint

Red, white or sparkling

Brick, wood or straw

Almond, coconut or cow

Coffee, tea or milk

Scissors, paper or rock

Morning, afternoon or evening

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry

Hardcover, paperback or e-book

Grab two, three, four or more people. Read one of the “threes” above and call out on someone. That person picks one, two, three or none and has 1 minute to articulate her choice. No right or wrong, just a good exercise to get more comfortable at making quick decisions, committing and communicating.

Try this solo in your car (everyone is on their phone in the car so you won’t look strange) and you will get better, quickly. Come up with your own questions, the possibilities are endless.

  • Inspired by Table Topics a conversation starter as practiced at Toastmasters International

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