Almost…next time…

Got so close, tantalisingly close, almost. But it was not to be. I tried really hard. I thought I nailed it. Yes, I fumbled slightly a couple of times, but it wasn’t that bad, nothing terminal, nothing that should have ruled me out of contention. Or did it?

Disappointed? Yes, pretty much. I wanted this, I prepared well, I worked hard, I thought I had a really good chance. What happened?

Cheated? No, I am just rationalising my outcome. It was an “almost” at best. Everyone worked hard, tried their best, smashed it.

Almost. For me, it was just not meant to be today. It was someone else’s day.

What do I tell myself now?

  • Never give up?
  • It wasn’t meant to be?
  • Hang in there?
  • Keep on fighting?
  • The day will come?

All these wise words, just a bit shallow at the moment.

Next time…

Now that is a powerful set of words. Use them liberally.

  • Image: Lucy Nicholson, Reuters

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