Superpowers (1 of 2)

I just came off doing some work with a group of very intelligent, driven and generous individuals. What a fantastic 4-weeks (or was it 3 or 5 – who’s counting when you are being challenged)!

When you work with a great bunch of people, you come to appreciate the empowerment the collective can bring to the individual. Here are four superpowers that I have just been reacquainted with. Not rocket science for sure, but a great reminder:

The Power of Wholesome Thinking (because I really hate the word “holistic”) – I read, I watch, I listen, I absorb. The more I do this, the more wholesome my thinking becomes, the richer my thoughts and as a result, my experiences. Add a group of people to this mix and you cannot help but finding the “we” elevates this thinking. We cannot help but to go broader, to think differently, perhaps a bit unexpectedly. We consider other angles, connect more dots, agree/disagree with things for the less obvious reasons. My journey of wholesome thinking is now exponential because it is our journey.

The Power of Being Around People Who Get Sh*t Done – there is little point in wholesome thinking if we do not take action. Those in the know will always say that strategy is great, but “it is all in the execution”. When you marry up great ideas with driven individuals, action ensues. Sure, we all shared common challenges from procrastination to dealing with the resistance to doubting ourselves. But we persevered because

People like us do things like this.

Seth Godin

The Power of the Writing Things Down – I have to say this has helped me immensely. I don’t write much down as I have a good memory but that is a pathetic excuse really. Writing what you are going to do, sharing this, welcoming and accepting comments, reflecting and appreciating on their contribution gives you little choice but to follow through. Once it is written (and shared), the power is immense. Confused what to do next? Refer above.

The Power of the Group – proud to be part of this tribe. Aligned in thinking, action, commitment yet each one with unique goals, ideas, styles, fears, strategies and tactics. So many questions:

  • How do we know we are on the right path?
  • How do we even know we are on a path?
  • How do we know we are asking all the questions and not just the ones we know the answers to?
  • Why do I think I know what I am doing?

Without a group that gets deeper with us in our journey, is generous with their time and feedback, achieving anything can be a very lonely existence. Forever grateful to my new friends, constantly challenging us to better.

Next steps:

  1. Go find yourself a tribe;
  2. Discover your superpowers.
  • Photo Credit: Marvel

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