How did we do?

When was the last time you were asked that question? Chances are that if you interacted with any type of organisation today, you were prompted to answer this question via a survey, an electronic comment box, a phone call or something along those lines. My question – why?

Why have organisations become so fixated on getting constant feedback? Why are we subjected to give our views and opinions on every single interaction we have?

In the space of 2 days last week, I had 17, yes, 17 separate “how did we do” instances in my inbox. From airlines to hotels to my car repairer, phone company, real estate agent, local council bank, you name it. Why, oh why? I used to love answering this question but no mas!

Why do organisations feel they can bombard us with so many of these questionnaires? All about customer satisfaction you say? I’m a customer and I am not satisfied! And because it is such in vogue, everybody is doing it! Did I mention our vet sent one as well? How was your Cat’s Vaccination Experience? Really???

Sometimes, I feel guilty when I ignore these surveys. Will the poor person who tried to help me with my inquiry get in trouble for not getting me to answer the survey? Will she get pulled aside if I gave her an 8 instead of 10^. Will she get fired?

Now I appreciate I am probably generalising and do acknowledge that these organisations are trying to make their products and services better and they believe this is a great tool in achieving this. Commendable.

But here’s the thing. We all know when we are doing the right thing and we all know when we are doing that right thing, right. We may not be able to solve every problem, but as long as we try, do it well, to the best of our ability and with pride, respect and care, that is all we can do.

So stop asking. Deliver. Do the right thing. Do it right. Give me the opportunity to “goodfind” you. And occasionally, ask me, your customer, in person, over the phone, what else could you do to make my life easier? This is a much better conversation and probably one I would not mind engaging in, maybe even love.

^ Always give a 10! If you do anything less than that, you are guaranteed to trip 2-3 more questions asking why you gave that answer!

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