I have started to ride my bike everywhere and love it. Gets me "to and from" faster and a great way to commute (as long as you look out for cars and pedestrians - more on the latter on another post). I was telling a friend about it and he asked me how long my... Continue Reading →


I've been chatting with a few people about creating and setting up small "business" ventures - what do to, how to do it, why do it, you know the drill. I'm certainly not an expert, except that I have done a few things, some quite successful, some not, many still to be determined. So before... Continue Reading →

I held the lie…

I just attended an art/word experiment called Duality. Pair up 25 artists with the anonymous words of 25 writers and watch the creative process take hold. Absolutely loved it. I was particularly struck by one piece, I held the lieDan Kelly Dan Kelly wrote these words and Paul White gave us a haunting and insightful... Continue Reading →

How did we do?

When was the last time you were asked that question? Chances are that if you interacted with any type of organisation today, you were prompted to answer this question via a survey, an electronic comment box, a phone call or something along those lines. My question - why? Why have organisations become so fixated on... Continue Reading →

Superpowers (2 of 2)

On my last post, I reacquainted myself with a few superpowers brought forward by being part of a tribe of good people. The environment created by the tribe conspired to bring these superpowers forward. But before sharing in these group superpowers, what did I bring to the table? Surely I had to have a few... Continue Reading →

Superpowers (1 of 2)

I just came off doing some work with a group of very intelligent, driven and generous individuals. What a fantastic 4-weeks (or was it 3 or 5 - who's counting when you are being challenged)! When you work with a great bunch of people, you come to appreciate the empowerment the collective can bring to... Continue Reading →

On Beauty (3 of 3)…

I have a thing about beauty. Not beauty in the traditional sense of the word (still love that type of beauty), but the inherent beauty in problems and solutions. Every problem we face challenges us to rise to the occasion and arrive at a solution, one that is beautiful and worthy of the problem. When... Continue Reading →

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