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My Story To Me

On one of my previous blogs, I discussed how we are all Natural Born Storytellers and we each have one or two or more stories inside of us and it is our responsibility to tell these to others. Lately, I have been... Continue Reading →

It is all about the How…

On my last blog, I suggested that when it comes to happiness, we've got it all wrong. Being a practical individual, I am always thinking about the transition from the "why" and the "what" to the "how". After all, I totally get... Continue Reading →

Happiness – we’ve got it all wrong!

Happiness. We all want it, but boy, oh boy, it can be so elusive. You see, part of the problem is that we don’t really know what happiness means. Google “how to be happy” and in 0.43 seconds, you get 3.970... Continue Reading →


“I just don’t get it! Can we just move on and do something else? I will drop this subject next year anyway,” pleaded my 16-year old. “You only opened the book 2-hours ago! I can’t believe you were seriously expecting... Continue Reading →

Alone in a Crowd

I am a true global citizen. I have 1,650 Facebook friends. I have 748 Instagram followers. I have 1,550 Linked In connections. Yep, I am well connected, all the way from Australia to Asia, to Europe and the Americas. I am... Continue Reading →

Do more, suck less…

is a slogan on one of my favourite t-shirts. Yes, the t-shirt is pretty washed in and soft to the touch but that's not why it is a favourite. Do more, suck less. Think about it. Makes sense. Why? Because... Continue Reading →

Promised you a miracle…

(with apologies to Simple Minds). But two weeks later, I broke that promise. The good news is that I did not promise you anything so I did not let you down. I let myself down. I promised myself that I... Continue Reading →

So, What Are You Going To Do About It?

One of the most powerful questions you could ever ask yourself.

Not Quite What I Was Planning…

is the name of a great book about six-word memoirs ( Six words that a prompt a story and your imagination does the rest. Buy the book, you will enjoy it. "Not quite what I was planning." This certainly sounds... Continue Reading →

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