Small, medium or large Morning, afternoon or night Breakfast, lunch or dinner Earl Grey, English Breakfast or peppermint Red, white or sparkling Brick, wood or straw Almond, coconut or cow Coffee, tea or milk Scissors, paper or rock Morning, afternoon or evening Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry Hardcover, paperback or e-book Grab two, three, four or... Continue Reading →

5 More Wandering Wonders

As I continue to declutter my mind, a few things I have been thinking about: ikigai - is loosely translated from the Japanese as "your reason for being." It is the intersection between your passion, mission, vocation and profession. If you are in balance across these four elements, you have found "ikigai". A few of... Continue Reading →


“I just don’t get it! Can we just move on and do something else? I will drop this subject next year anyway,” pleaded my 16-year old. “You only opened the book 2-hours ago! I can’t believe you were seriously expecting to have gotten it by now!” Teenagers can be so irrational and frustrating. “You know,... Continue Reading →

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